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Fiduciary Matters blog

Insights for institutional investors

September 25, 2015By

Pension plans and interest rates (revisited)

In an extension of prior work, we find that positions based on an increase in the ten-year Treasury yield have resulted in a loss more often than a gain.

Categories: Category: Defined benefit strategy
By September 18, 2015

The framing effect matters in currency hedging decisions (and in lots of other investment decisions, too)

The framing effect is the tendency for people to perceive similar outcomes differently, depending on how they are framed. It is hard for institutional investment programs to completely avoid this effect. Consider currency.

Categories: Category: Governance & risk
By September 10, 2015

Turbulent markets (part 2): the role of feedback

A couple of weeks ago, I noted that economies and investment markets are not machines, and don’t behave like them. One of the features that distinguishes complex systems from physical systems is the role played by feedback.

Categories: Category: Market commentary
By September 3, 2015

Addressing the retirement coverage gap

At the Russell Investment’s institutional summit, held earlier this year in New Orleans, we polled attendees on their views about making retirement saving mandatory.

Categories: Category: The retirement system
By August 27, 2015

To make sense of these turbulent markets, don’t ask a physicist. Ask a biologist.

It would be easier to make sense of occasional bouts of market turbulence if we thought of markets as biological systems rather than machines.

Categories: Category: Market commentary
By August 19, 2015

Passive products need to be judged by the same standard as everything else

A “low fee exemption” from the proposed new fiduciary rule could create a material conflict of interest for advisors.

Categories: Category: The retirement system
By August 13, 2015

It was clear thinking, not the math, that made the Dietz method a breakthrough

The Dietz Method is a basic element of every investment analyst’s education, and lies behind just about every one of the millions of performance calculations carried out every day. Taken as a given in today’s investment world, it was not always seen as obvious.

Categories: Category: Investment management